More Old Time Mailers

Phil Gentilcore on the phone

Tom Appich "Gump"

George Helwig,Scotty,Bill "The Pope" O'Connell, Billy Richmond

Jack "3 dollar bill" Aldrick

"Daylight" George Holt, it was not until I posted this picture, I did not know his real name

Phil Chirstarella in NW Alley.

88 Tom Yates

Pridemore "Pete" Fleming.

Poo Paw Parlett

Lindsey Parlett, Pat's father

E. Garrison, Jimmy father

William McDuffie

Whiteoak with big hair or is it a hat?

Harry Farr Sr.

J. Reed, D. Horton, Guy Pullium,R. Lucas Sr, Whiteoak, Gary Houser

The Pope and OT Jones